Computer Tuition

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Computer Tuition

Need help getting started using your computer?  We have sessions geared to learning everything from the absolute basics of how to turn the computer on and off, mastering the basics of using Windows and how to use the Internet for shopping, Facebook, sending and receiving of emails and more.

Examples of what you can learn:

  • How to turn the computer on and off again
  • How to use the mouse and keyboard
  • How to access your applications
  • Switching between applications
  • Viewing documents, pictures, music, videos
  • Control settings such as sound and background
  • Making the screen size bigger and smaller
  • Printing
  • Saving, deleting, restoring files
  • What to do if things go wrong
  • Keyboard shortcut keys
  • How to browse/ search the Internet
  • How to download files
  • Setting up bookmarks/ favourites
  • Setting up and using E-Mail
  • Password management
  • How to use Facebook
  • Uploading photos online
  • Storing documents online

Each session lasts around 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes.  It is recommended that you learn the basics first if you are new to a computer before learning how to use the Internet, but if you have specifics you want to focus on more quickly we can adjust to your needs.

Sessions are suitable for attendance by up to two people.


Payment is made during your tuition session either by cash or card.

Additional fees payable outside of Carlisle, as a guide call outs cost up to an additional £7.50 within a 20 mile radius.