Computer Sales

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Computer Sales

Computer Sales include desktop systems, laptops, and network server systems. Enjoy our lite support contract for the first month at no extra cost, including phone support, remote access support, and one personal visit to your home or work place, to sort out any initial problems you experience. Support packages can be extended beyond one month through the range of options detailed here.

Home Computer Sales and Upgrades

Avalon Computers can tailor your purchase by ensuring the money you spend goes into the components that best suit your individual needs. We can change components prior to delivery of your new machine – for example making your computer more suitable for playing games, or whatever your individual need might be. It’s also possible to reduce costs by reusing components from your old computer in your new one. A computer that is considered to be beyond repair usually still contains individual parts which work perfectly well. These can be imported into your new computer to reduce the amount you have to pay.

Business Computer Sales

With many years of real business experience in creating and maintaining a network IT infrastructure from ten to several hundred computers, Avalon Computer’s can provide expert insight into all aspects of designing, supplying, and building your business network. Services include setting up laptops, desktops, servers, networking, and routing, as well as set up and installation of on-premise solutions include utilising Virtualisation, Active Directory, Exchange Server, Backup Exec, and security solutions against risks from both outside and within your organisation to prevent leakage of company data.  Cloud computing is a crucial factor in new and existing Small Business IT environments, which helps keep costs down and also improves scalability, manageability, and support.

Avalon Computer’s also provides VoIP solutions and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems as well as custom development work.

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